The 5


YOU have the idea

The first step is right there… 

We say oh yeah! 

Well, so far so good… 

Let’s proceed to #2!


YOU get in touch

Don’t be shy, just say hi. 

That’s how everything ever started. 

And don’t worry, there are multiple ways to get in touch with us, that shouldn’t be a problem.

WE buy the coffee

A 29′ brainstorming session begins, where we blend and exchange our ideas together.

*in case you don’t like coffee, no worries, we offer tea or online meeting, no problema!


WE draft the proposal

As soon as we finish our meeting, we proceed with drafting the quotation based on our discussion


WE deliver

As soon as you accept the proposal, we proceed with the development and delivery of your brand new project…high five✋

Pop your idea down here